Sunday, 20 March 2011

Working in IWeb with Main website

These are two pages from my main website showed when i have been working in IWeb. It shows that both of my layouts are very similar not using templates for my website. I am doing this to keep a house style throughout my website keeping a similar style to give a professional image of the website.

On the sexual health webpage above it shows at the top the layout that very page of the website has on the site. I have the drop in logo what will give identification to the site. Underneath this is the navigation bar what is also on every webpage of the site again keeping a consistent style. There is an image in the top right hand corner what is related to the webpage subject i done this to add style to the site making it more attractive for the audience to view it this is done on every webpage to keep consistence. The way the background has been created os the same on each page, i use a black box with a shadow to it. This creates a good effect and is more attractive for the targeted audience to use the website.

This is the Drug advice webpage for the website as you can see it has very similar layout to the image above. This includes the drop inn logo, the image to the right hand corner and a web banner. Also the way the Background has been produced is the same. There is a house style with the colors as every webpage has its own given color in this case its green for every title this color is used to create a style it also helps the audience know what page they are on helping there use if the website. The images of the drugs are throughout the page i have used them to create a reaction for the audience when they see the image.

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