Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Survey for Main Website

I have created two surveys for my main website to help me plan for content and designs. I have given my surveys to 40 people living in london all aged between 14-24 they have filled out the surveys given all there thoughts on different question I made. The survey i have designed has been done on survey monkey which allows me to distribute my two surveys online giving people a web link what they are able to access online and fill them out. The results of everyones surveys they have completed are then posted back to me where i have then analyzed them.

This is my first Questionnaire I have created. It is about what the young people know and don't know about all different things to do with sexual health and drugs. Once i know the different things they mainly don't know, i will know to put this on my website to educate them about. I named the survey Your knowledge to help us as this is exactly what this survey will do.

Your Knowledge to help us
Exit this survey 

1. Your Knowledge to help us

Think will give us information on what you know and don't know, also your view on what young people think about different things such as the following.

1. Please enter some Details

2. Which of these STD's to you are dangerous?

Extremely Dangerous
Can be Dangerous
Sustainably Dangerous

3. Do you know what the symptoms for the following diseases are?

HIV/AidsChlamydiaGonorrhoeaHerpesSyphilisCrabs (Pubic Lice)

4. Which of the following statements do you agree with?

Agree StronglyAgree somewhatDont KnowDisagree SomewhatDisagree Strongly
I do not like to talk about STD's
I am aware of help available and how to get it
I feel comfortable seeking help from a parent/guardian
I feel that i am unlikely top get a STD
I feel that STD's go away it ignored

5. In the last six months, how many sexual partners have you had?

6. Is wearing a Condom Important

7. I give in easily to peer pressure

8. Have you engaged in sexual intercourse under the influence of Alcohol more times than being sober?

9. What drugs have you or some friends taken?

HeroinCocaineMethamphetamineCrack CocaineLSDEcstasyMarijuana (Cannabis)PCP

10. Sexual Intercourse can strengthen a relationship?

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