Monday, 7 March 2011

Analyzed Drop Inn Help us help you survey results

This is my survey what is about the content of information i am having on my website. It asks question about sexual health, Drug use, and alcohol it is to test what my target audience know and don't know about these categories so i can then capitalize on these things they don't and add the information so they can have further understandings.

This question asks about sexually transmitted diseases i wanted to know what they thought was dangerous and not. The results was as expected and shows that people do not know how to differ between the diseases as herpes and syphilis are extremely dangerous and people only think it can be. So form this i will ad information about them on my site.

I then furthered this question to find out whether or not they knew what the diseases were or not on one such as Crabs and pubic lice people seemed to know having a high percentage of yeses however the others shows that people do not know what the STD are so is going to be crucial to have information on these on my website.

The above questions have a lot of value to them as they tell me what people feel about the STDs i asked 5 different questions on this part of my survey. I wanted to see how people get there information and if they feel open about talking about it. it showed that a lot of my targeted audience already knows where to get the information from so shows there is gonna be high competition already on the market and am going to have to be different in some way to draw people into using my website. 

This question was a quick and simple for the audience. I wanted to find out how many times people have sex on an average in the last six months the results wasn't as i thought and have almost half of the responses on 1.

I wanted to find out how many people actually do wear condoms, and most did agree with this having 45% agreeing and 35% strongly agree this shows that people are educated but the small majority that disagreed now need to be educated through my site.

In the question above i wanted to see if people really do give into peer pressure and even though 42% strongly disagree there is still a small amount what do. I can now take from this and talk aboit peer pressure on my site and show you don't need to give in.

This question shows that most people engage in sexual intercourse whilst they are sober with only 15% taking part whilst under the influence its interesting to see people are mature enough to engage in sexual intercourse not under influence of alcohol.

i used this question to find out what information i needed most on my website to do with drug advice. It shows that marijuana is highly popular into today society have a 100% of people who take it or know people who do. Cocaine and Ecstasy were the next in the popularity list and these three drugs i am now going have the most information about on my site.

I wanted to do see people thoughts about having sexual intercourse when in a relationship most agree that it can strengthen and it has also been proved by experts so was interesting to see there results i will state the facts from the experts but as long as it is safe sex and that is what i really want to get out to my targeted audience.

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