Sunday, 20 March 2011

Working in IWeb with Main website

These are two pages from my main website showed when i have been working in IWeb. It shows that both of my layouts are very similar not using templates for my website. I am doing this to keep a house style throughout my website keeping a similar style to give a professional image of the website.

On the sexual health webpage above it shows at the top the layout that very page of the website has on the site. I have the drop in logo what will give identification to the site. Underneath this is the navigation bar what is also on every webpage of the site again keeping a consistent style. There is an image in the top right hand corner what is related to the webpage subject i done this to add style to the site making it more attractive for the audience to view it this is done on every webpage to keep consistence. The way the background has been created os the same on each page, i use a black box with a shadow to it. This creates a good effect and is more attractive for the targeted audience to use the website.

This is the Drug advice webpage for the website as you can see it has very similar layout to the image above. This includes the drop inn logo, the image to the right hand corner and a web banner. Also the way the Background has been produced is the same. There is a house style with the colors as every webpage has its own given color in this case its green for every title this color is used to create a style it also helps the audience know what page they are on helping there use if the website. The images of the drugs are throughout the page i have used them to create a reaction for the audience when they see the image.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Main Website sketches (planning)

This is my Main website sketch for the Drop Inn site. This is my design for the home page from the website, it shows its logo and slogan of the site with a navigation bar. The information of the content of the page is underneath and at the bottom gives the official Part to give a professional look with web icons.

This is the sexual health page on the website. it again has the logo and slogan but is smaller to fit more information onto the page and underneath is a navigation bar. There is the information on that subject (sexual halth) what people can look at and is quick and easy having the main things you would need to know, at the bottom gives the official Part to give a professional look with web icons.

This is the drug advice webpage on my website,  it again has the logo and slogan but is smaller to fit more information onto the page and underneath is a navigation bar. There is the information on that subject (drug advice) what people can look at and is quick and easy having the main things you would need to know, at the bottom gives the official Part to give a professional look with web icons.

This is the alcohol webpage on my website,  it again has the logo and slogan but is smaller to fit more information onto the page and underneath is a navigation bar. There is the information on that subject (Alcohol advice) what people can look at and is quick and easy having the main things you would need to know, at the bottom gives the official Part to give a professional look with web icons.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Analyzed Drop Inn Help us help you survey results

This is my survey what is about the content of information i am having on my website. It asks question about sexual health, Drug use, and alcohol it is to test what my target audience know and don't know about these categories so i can then capitalize on these things they don't and add the information so they can have further understandings.

This question asks about sexually transmitted diseases i wanted to know what they thought was dangerous and not. The results was as expected and shows that people do not know how to differ between the diseases as herpes and syphilis are extremely dangerous and people only think it can be. So form this i will ad information about them on my site.

I then furthered this question to find out whether or not they knew what the diseases were or not on one such as Crabs and pubic lice people seemed to know having a high percentage of yeses however the others shows that people do not know what the STD are so is going to be crucial to have information on these on my website.

The above questions have a lot of value to them as they tell me what people feel about the STDs i asked 5 different questions on this part of my survey. I wanted to see how people get there information and if they feel open about talking about it. it showed that a lot of my targeted audience already knows where to get the information from so shows there is gonna be high competition already on the market and am going to have to be different in some way to draw people into using my website. 

This question was a quick and simple for the audience. I wanted to find out how many times people have sex on an average in the last six months the results wasn't as i thought and have almost half of the responses on 1.

I wanted to find out how many people actually do wear condoms, and most did agree with this having 45% agreeing and 35% strongly agree this shows that people are educated but the small majority that disagreed now need to be educated through my site.

In the question above i wanted to see if people really do give into peer pressure and even though 42% strongly disagree there is still a small amount what do. I can now take from this and talk aboit peer pressure on my site and show you don't need to give in.

This question shows that most people engage in sexual intercourse whilst they are sober with only 15% taking part whilst under the influence its interesting to see people are mature enough to engage in sexual intercourse not under influence of alcohol.

i used this question to find out what information i needed most on my website to do with drug advice. It shows that marijuana is highly popular into today society have a 100% of people who take it or know people who do. Cocaine and Ecstasy were the next in the popularity list and these three drugs i am now going have the most information about on my site.

I wanted to do see people thoughts about having sexual intercourse when in a relationship most agree that it can strengthen and it has also been proved by experts so was interesting to see there results i will state the facts from the experts but as long as it is safe sex and that is what i really want to get out to my targeted audience.

Analyzed Data from Drop Inn sexual health Survey

I have received all 40 filled in surveys from what i have distributed through the internet using survey monkey. The results i have are very valuable to creating my website as i am now able to see what my target audience wants to see and also how they want to see the information displayed to them. I have all of the results in a chart telling me what people choose on each of the questions on the survey. This then helps me to code it down and get the information from the survey to help me design my website.

Drop Inn Survey feedback

This is the first question in my survey and is about the content on my website. It shows strongly that my target audience  think sexual health is most important to have information on. There are 11 out of the 20 what are in favor of this so it is clear that i will include sexual health information on my website. It also has drug second highest along with job advice, however i will not use job advice as it is not linked to the other information instead alcohol as it is more relevant.

This question asked about the use of the site what will help them navigate around the site. From the results it shows that the navigation bar and search bar are most in favor. From this i am taken these two types of navigation on my website and will also use the others as people still liked the idea of them and will be helpful for me to use when making the site.

This question took into account what would attract the target audience and what kind of multimedia features i should add to the website to keep them entertained. The majority of the people who took part in the question all stated that they would be entertaining to have them all. However shown by the rating average it shows that the images and video where most popular. I am defiantly going to include these on my website as i want my website to be attractive to them.

This question was designed to help me with the content it asks what colors we should use on the website what will appeal to both genders we got a wide range however most of our replies were to have a pink and blue so it will appeal to both. these are the two colors i have decided to include on my website.

This question asks what people think is important to include on the site. The responses show we should be updating the site regularly and we should include contact information on our site so people can get into contact with us. People also showed the other three are important to have. So i will aim to have them all on the site.

The Question above is asking how the information should be shown on the site. I stated different types of multimedia options i could use, the results show that they are all good ways of distributing the information. However using games was not as popular so am going to leave that convention out on my website.

This question asks what advice they feel should be on the site. It was again highly favorable to have sexual health and drug advice on the site so i am going to include these on my website having there own pages of advice.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Main website Research

Website Annotation

 This is the talk to frank website what concentrates there information on drugs. I like the way they have used a very colorful home page for what people first see on there website. It draws the audience in well with the bright multi colored letters. It is a good convention I could have on my site, as it is young and attractive to the audience giving the audience a friendlier approach rather than the way, most people and sites approach talking about drugs, what look at drugs in a different light what can make the audience feel as if they should be embarrassed so wont use the services. And the way they have done this will appeal to my targeted audience as it aimed for the younger audience with drugs problems alongside the others.

On this page what I reached via the navigation bar at the top what I think is very important to have on the website to be able to get to where you want easily. I am going to use a navigation bar on my site as I feel it will help the targeted audience on my site get to where they want. It makes them have simple but effective use of the site.
 Again has the bright colours what will appeal to my audience and are used in a neat way what does keep a house style throughout the website making it look professional but most of all approachable. I feel that my website has to be approachable to young people as they will be vulnerable when looking for advice and help on such subjects as what my website will look at.
The search box what the site uses is another good conception I could use on my site. It gives the user easy use of the website being able to search whatever you are looking for on the site.

I found the website to have a good convention in the way it has been presented. It has four options you are able to click on, on the home page of the site all-leading to the next page what gives information on different subjects. It is very simple having four options on the main webpage stating what each will take you to. I want to be able to keep it this simple on my website and feel this will be a very good website to take ideas from using this simple layout.
         I also like the colours what have been used on each of the rectangular boxes what represent both genders. They have a certain metallic look to them what makes them even more attractive than they already are to the audience, this will be a perfect use of colours I would need on my website.
         At the bottom there are links to other pages; a the logo up in the corner showing recognition and a neat layout making it the site look official trustworthy More things like this on my site would be useful as the young target audience ill want to be able to trust the information what’s given making it look official.

This page is a link from clicking on sexual health from the previous home page. It again uses the same layout with the grey background and logo in top left corner with links at the bottom. This is a good example of keeping a house style throughout the website giving again a professional image. I also like the way they have edited animated pictures of young people onto the layout. The animations used are very well made and very entertaining to viewer being attractive and drawing. Again this is what I want my side to have something that will draw my audience in keeping them entertain on the website.
         The navigation on this webpage is very good using a navigation bar above welcome what has all different pages you can visit about sexual health, which makes it simple for the audience to use. Above this is another piece of navigation in the white images what act as web icons and when you hover over them they turn into rollovers what tell you exactly what they do. This is a good convention to have on my webpage what is fun and to extent have some interactivity about them what is entertaining for the audience.

This is a very big website for young people all across England and gives information on many different subjects an covers all what my site is going to cover so is perfect to look at and follow there conventions.
         Starting at the top with the logo is again like most sites I have looked at what situates it in the top left hand corner of the screen what gives it the official image what I will want on my site. The web icons used such as facebook twitter and you tube are a good idea for young peoples site as this is the future and is highly recognized and used by mainly young people. The search box is a good convention to have on your site as when a user knows what they want to look at it can take you straight to it quickly and efficiently.
         The navigation bar below the above has all different options what you can choose from and has text what tells you exactly what each of them will take you to. The way they have use different colours for each of the different options help split the options up.
         There are images all over the webpage with slideshows still images and even animation. This is very entertaining to the audience and attracts them to the website as its not boring and dull, more wonderful things to look at. They use images of young people also, which is good to do as the audience if they are young people can relate to them.
         The bottom of the webpage has all different subjects what you are able to click on and will take you to that page. It is like another section of navigation what the user may find appealing, as it is easy to find things they may be looking for. And them naming it explore the site gives you the idea of what it will help you do.
This is the Red site designed to help AIDS in Africa. As you can see it uses all the products on the front page to advertise so they are able to sell them to make money for their charity. They keep a house style using red as their theme to help promote what they stand for. All the images on the site are attractive products what will draw the audience in and entertain them. This is a good technique to use and will use this convention on my site.
         The submit bar at the top is a good idea as it is easy for the audience to be able to get involved. I could use a convention like this maybe to sign up for weekly update on useful information to use on the site. It is fairly noticeable also so wont be missed by the audience I would say it is a great feature to have on your site.
         The logo, which is situated at the top of the page, is a good place to have in the top left hand corner as it gives recognition to the site. This follows convention, as there is a theory that when people first look at a page they will look to the top left hand corner. I think this is where I will put my logo on my page.
         There is a level of interactive on the site as each image is a roll over and a hyper link. They use every image as adverting for their products but when u click on the photo it comes up larger giving you all different types of information you might want to know about that product. It’s a good convention to use as its entertaining for the audience and will keep them intrigued when on the site. I could use this when talking about sexual health giving the targeted audience something to click on and get there information a smart effective and most of all simple feature. 

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Shot list for your photography

Shot list for your photography

For my Drop Inn website (main site) I have decided to use a range of photos throughout the site. This will make the website more attractive and entertaining for the target audience what are young people. As my site is aimed at young people need to make the site as attractive as possible to draw the audience in. My site gives information and advice for young people on subjects such as sexual health drugs and alcohol use.

On my home page:
First photo I want is to have young people in a conference of advice and information on such subjects. As I do charity work for a charity who deals with problems such as the ones talked about on my website I can take images of some of our meetings we have. I feel it will be good to have young people in my shot so that the target audience are able to relate to them. For this shot I will use a long shot to get in a lot of people and the scenery around them.
Second photo is to be relate

On my sexual health page:
There will be a wide-range of photos I am going to use in which I will not be able to take my self so am going to use the images from the charity I do volunteer work from which will be of what STI’s look like when someone is infected. I wont to use these images to shock my target audience in what the infections could look like if they were to have the disease. It will be quiet entertaining and will draw the audience in to reading on with what information the site shows.
There will also be a video what I am going to use what is about talking about sexual intercourse with a partner.

On my drug advice page:
I am again going to have to give images from which I am unable to take myself meaning I will have to get them from sites on the internet what have a copyright what will accept my uses from the site. These images will be different pictures of the top 5 most common drugs in the UK. This will be very educational to what they look like so young people know to stay away from them when they see them.

On my alcohol advice page:
I have a section on the webpage what will give information on binge drinking. I want to have an image what shows young people drinking alcohol. This image will show how silly and stupid you can look when under the influence of alcohol, also at the same time helping young people relate to the situation these young people are on. It will be a mid shot of a person I am going to add a smudged effect to it in photo shot to make them look as if they are under the influence of alcohol. This will be entertaining to the targeted audience and again lets them relate to the picture of the young person.
I am also going to have an image of a wallet with no money in it for the section of how to cut down. This will then emphasis that cutting down will save you money. I am going to use a close up of the wallet so you can see inside of the wallet with no money. It is a simple but effect shot will draw the target audience in.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Story board for my website video

Story board for my website video

For my website I have decided to add a video for the sexual health page. I am adding a video on the topic of talking about sexual intercourse with your partner. I thought this was a good subject to use as young people jump into these things and this can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. So I feel that a story board is needed to help me plan what I am going to film in this video.

It will be set outside the drop inn headquarters as if we met them there to talk about the subject of talking about sexual intercourse. I thought this would make it look like a natural meeting taking place to talk about it. I also felt the lighting would be good as we would be outside making the video more vibrate and clear for the audience to watch.
I want them to wear casual cloths to make the meeting look more natural and authentic when the audience are watching it to give the video a good style. It will also give off a stereotype of what the conventional young person dresses like and again helps them relate to this young couple.

Scene one:
I am going to start with a young person acting as a drop inn worker introducing the video topic and what it is about. I am going to do this so the audience when watching the video know what it is about and what they are going to be talking about.
It will be a mid shot of the drop inn worker talking fitting the top half of his body in. I am using this so other things in the shot will not distract the audience, therefore focusing on him and what he is introducing.
Next scene once the scene f them introducing them I want a title page to fade in asking a question about the subject. This title page will be placed over the top of the video footage fading in and out of the screen. I have added this title page so the audience are clear on what the couple are answering to.
They will then answer the question talking about their thoughts from a young couples point of view. I will use a long shot for this to fit their whole body in to show their body language and reactions to the questions.
Third scene I will add another question what will use the same effects as the same title page used to keep consistency in the video giving it a certain style.
Once it fades out they will answer the question again giving a young couples point of view. I’m going to use a mid-shot this time I am doing this so the audience are able to see there facial expressions more clearly when answering this question what I will make more personal. I really want to show that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about these things when in a relationship.

The next scene will be the last question I am going to ask the couple again to keep a consistent style adding a text title asking the question they have been asked to the audience are able to read the question what makes it more clear for them fading in and out.
Again I am going to use a mid shot to keep the same shot adding to the consistent styles the video shows.

For the last scene it will be the person who works for drop inn rounding off the talk with the young couple.
I am going to use a close up of the presenters face to make it more attractive and eye catching for the young people when watching the video. I wanted to make this part of the video to stand out as it talks about what drop inn has to offer and want this to stick with the audience so they don’t forget it.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Survey for Main Website

I have created two surveys for my main website to help me plan for content and designs. I have given my surveys to 40 people living in london all aged between 14-24 they have filled out the surveys given all there thoughts on different question I made. The survey i have designed has been done on survey monkey which allows me to distribute my two surveys online giving people a web link what they are able to access online and fill them out. The results of everyones surveys they have completed are then posted back to me where i have then analyzed them.

This is my first Questionnaire I have created. It is about what the young people know and don't know about all different things to do with sexual health and drugs. Once i know the different things they mainly don't know, i will know to put this on my website to educate them about. I named the survey Your knowledge to help us as this is exactly what this survey will do.

Your Knowledge to help us
Exit this survey 

1. Your Knowledge to help us

Think will give us information on what you know and don't know, also your view on what young people think about different things such as the following.

1. Please enter some Details

2. Which of these STD's to you are dangerous?

Extremely Dangerous
Can be Dangerous
Sustainably Dangerous

3. Do you know what the symptoms for the following diseases are?

HIV/AidsChlamydiaGonorrhoeaHerpesSyphilisCrabs (Pubic Lice)

4. Which of the following statements do you agree with?

Agree StronglyAgree somewhatDont KnowDisagree SomewhatDisagree Strongly
I do not like to talk about STD's
I am aware of help available and how to get it
I feel comfortable seeking help from a parent/guardian
I feel that i am unlikely top get a STD
I feel that STD's go away it ignored

5. In the last six months, how many sexual partners have you had?

6. Is wearing a Condom Important

7. I give in easily to peer pressure

8. Have you engaged in sexual intercourse under the influence of Alcohol more times than being sober?

9. What drugs have you or some friends taken?

HeroinCocaineMethamphetamineCrack CocaineLSDEcstasyMarijuana (Cannabis)PCP

10. Sexual Intercourse can strengthen a relationship?