Friday, 4 March 2011

Story board for my website video

Story board for my website video

For my website I have decided to add a video for the sexual health page. I am adding a video on the topic of talking about sexual intercourse with your partner. I thought this was a good subject to use as young people jump into these things and this can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. So I feel that a story board is needed to help me plan what I am going to film in this video.

It will be set outside the drop inn headquarters as if we met them there to talk about the subject of talking about sexual intercourse. I thought this would make it look like a natural meeting taking place to talk about it. I also felt the lighting would be good as we would be outside making the video more vibrate and clear for the audience to watch.
I want them to wear casual cloths to make the meeting look more natural and authentic when the audience are watching it to give the video a good style. It will also give off a stereotype of what the conventional young person dresses like and again helps them relate to this young couple.

Scene one:
I am going to start with a young person acting as a drop inn worker introducing the video topic and what it is about. I am going to do this so the audience when watching the video know what it is about and what they are going to be talking about.
It will be a mid shot of the drop inn worker talking fitting the top half of his body in. I am using this so other things in the shot will not distract the audience, therefore focusing on him and what he is introducing.
Next scene once the scene f them introducing them I want a title page to fade in asking a question about the subject. This title page will be placed over the top of the video footage fading in and out of the screen. I have added this title page so the audience are clear on what the couple are answering to.
They will then answer the question talking about their thoughts from a young couples point of view. I will use a long shot for this to fit their whole body in to show their body language and reactions to the questions.
Third scene I will add another question what will use the same effects as the same title page used to keep consistency in the video giving it a certain style.
Once it fades out they will answer the question again giving a young couples point of view. I’m going to use a mid-shot this time I am doing this so the audience are able to see there facial expressions more clearly when answering this question what I will make more personal. I really want to show that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about these things when in a relationship.

The next scene will be the last question I am going to ask the couple again to keep a consistent style adding a text title asking the question they have been asked to the audience are able to read the question what makes it more clear for them fading in and out.
Again I am going to use a mid shot to keep the same shot adding to the consistent styles the video shows.

For the last scene it will be the person who works for drop inn rounding off the talk with the young couple.
I am going to use a close up of the presenters face to make it more attractive and eye catching for the young people when watching the video. I wanted to make this part of the video to stand out as it talks about what drop inn has to offer and want this to stick with the audience so they don’t forget it.

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