Sunday, 6 March 2011

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Website Annotation

 This is the talk to frank website what concentrates there information on drugs. I like the way they have used a very colorful home page for what people first see on there website. It draws the audience in well with the bright multi colored letters. It is a good convention I could have on my site, as it is young and attractive to the audience giving the audience a friendlier approach rather than the way, most people and sites approach talking about drugs, what look at drugs in a different light what can make the audience feel as if they should be embarrassed so wont use the services. And the way they have done this will appeal to my targeted audience as it aimed for the younger audience with drugs problems alongside the others.

On this page what I reached via the navigation bar at the top what I think is very important to have on the website to be able to get to where you want easily. I am going to use a navigation bar on my site as I feel it will help the targeted audience on my site get to where they want. It makes them have simple but effective use of the site.
 Again has the bright colours what will appeal to my audience and are used in a neat way what does keep a house style throughout the website making it look professional but most of all approachable. I feel that my website has to be approachable to young people as they will be vulnerable when looking for advice and help on such subjects as what my website will look at.
The search box what the site uses is another good conception I could use on my site. It gives the user easy use of the website being able to search whatever you are looking for on the site.

I found the website to have a good convention in the way it has been presented. It has four options you are able to click on, on the home page of the site all-leading to the next page what gives information on different subjects. It is very simple having four options on the main webpage stating what each will take you to. I want to be able to keep it this simple on my website and feel this will be a very good website to take ideas from using this simple layout.
         I also like the colours what have been used on each of the rectangular boxes what represent both genders. They have a certain metallic look to them what makes them even more attractive than they already are to the audience, this will be a perfect use of colours I would need on my website.
         At the bottom there are links to other pages; a the logo up in the corner showing recognition and a neat layout making it the site look official trustworthy More things like this on my site would be useful as the young target audience ill want to be able to trust the information what’s given making it look official.

This page is a link from clicking on sexual health from the previous home page. It again uses the same layout with the grey background and logo in top left corner with links at the bottom. This is a good example of keeping a house style throughout the website giving again a professional image. I also like the way they have edited animated pictures of young people onto the layout. The animations used are very well made and very entertaining to viewer being attractive and drawing. Again this is what I want my side to have something that will draw my audience in keeping them entertain on the website.
         The navigation on this webpage is very good using a navigation bar above welcome what has all different pages you can visit about sexual health, which makes it simple for the audience to use. Above this is another piece of navigation in the white images what act as web icons and when you hover over them they turn into rollovers what tell you exactly what they do. This is a good convention to have on my webpage what is fun and to extent have some interactivity about them what is entertaining for the audience.

This is a very big website for young people all across England and gives information on many different subjects an covers all what my site is going to cover so is perfect to look at and follow there conventions.
         Starting at the top with the logo is again like most sites I have looked at what situates it in the top left hand corner of the screen what gives it the official image what I will want on my site. The web icons used such as facebook twitter and you tube are a good idea for young peoples site as this is the future and is highly recognized and used by mainly young people. The search box is a good convention to have on your site as when a user knows what they want to look at it can take you straight to it quickly and efficiently.
         The navigation bar below the above has all different options what you can choose from and has text what tells you exactly what each of them will take you to. The way they have use different colours for each of the different options help split the options up.
         There are images all over the webpage with slideshows still images and even animation. This is very entertaining to the audience and attracts them to the website as its not boring and dull, more wonderful things to look at. They use images of young people also, which is good to do as the audience if they are young people can relate to them.
         The bottom of the webpage has all different subjects what you are able to click on and will take you to that page. It is like another section of navigation what the user may find appealing, as it is easy to find things they may be looking for. And them naming it explore the site gives you the idea of what it will help you do.
This is the Red site designed to help AIDS in Africa. As you can see it uses all the products on the front page to advertise so they are able to sell them to make money for their charity. They keep a house style using red as their theme to help promote what they stand for. All the images on the site are attractive products what will draw the audience in and entertain them. This is a good technique to use and will use this convention on my site.
         The submit bar at the top is a good idea as it is easy for the audience to be able to get involved. I could use a convention like this maybe to sign up for weekly update on useful information to use on the site. It is fairly noticeable also so wont be missed by the audience I would say it is a great feature to have on your site.
         The logo, which is situated at the top of the page, is a good place to have in the top left hand corner as it gives recognition to the site. This follows convention, as there is a theory that when people first look at a page they will look to the top left hand corner. I think this is where I will put my logo on my page.
         There is a level of interactive on the site as each image is a roll over and a hyper link. They use every image as adverting for their products but when u click on the photo it comes up larger giving you all different types of information you might want to know about that product. It’s a good convention to use as its entertaining for the audience and will keep them intrigued when on the site. I could use this when talking about sexual health giving the targeted audience something to click on and get there information a smart effective and most of all simple feature. 

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