Saturday, 5 March 2011

Shot list for your photography

Shot list for your photography

For my Drop Inn website (main site) I have decided to use a range of photos throughout the site. This will make the website more attractive and entertaining for the target audience what are young people. As my site is aimed at young people need to make the site as attractive as possible to draw the audience in. My site gives information and advice for young people on subjects such as sexual health drugs and alcohol use.

On my home page:
First photo I want is to have young people in a conference of advice and information on such subjects. As I do charity work for a charity who deals with problems such as the ones talked about on my website I can take images of some of our meetings we have. I feel it will be good to have young people in my shot so that the target audience are able to relate to them. For this shot I will use a long shot to get in a lot of people and the scenery around them.
Second photo is to be relate

On my sexual health page:
There will be a wide-range of photos I am going to use in which I will not be able to take my self so am going to use the images from the charity I do volunteer work from which will be of what STI’s look like when someone is infected. I wont to use these images to shock my target audience in what the infections could look like if they were to have the disease. It will be quiet entertaining and will draw the audience in to reading on with what information the site shows.
There will also be a video what I am going to use what is about talking about sexual intercourse with a partner.

On my drug advice page:
I am again going to have to give images from which I am unable to take myself meaning I will have to get them from sites on the internet what have a copyright what will accept my uses from the site. These images will be different pictures of the top 5 most common drugs in the UK. This will be very educational to what they look like so young people know to stay away from them when they see them.

On my alcohol advice page:
I have a section on the webpage what will give information on binge drinking. I want to have an image what shows young people drinking alcohol. This image will show how silly and stupid you can look when under the influence of alcohol, also at the same time helping young people relate to the situation these young people are on. It will be a mid shot of a person I am going to add a smudged effect to it in photo shot to make them look as if they are under the influence of alcohol. This will be entertaining to the targeted audience and again lets them relate to the picture of the young person.
I am also going to have an image of a wallet with no money in it for the section of how to cut down. This will then emphasis that cutting down will save you money. I am going to use a close up of the wallet so you can see inside of the wallet with no money. It is a simple but effect shot will draw the target audience in.

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