Monday, 7 March 2011

Analyzed Data from Drop Inn sexual health Survey

I have received all 40 filled in surveys from what i have distributed through the internet using survey monkey. The results i have are very valuable to creating my website as i am now able to see what my target audience wants to see and also how they want to see the information displayed to them. I have all of the results in a chart telling me what people choose on each of the questions on the survey. This then helps me to code it down and get the information from the survey to help me design my website.

Drop Inn Survey feedback

This is the first question in my survey and is about the content on my website. It shows strongly that my target audience  think sexual health is most important to have information on. There are 11 out of the 20 what are in favor of this so it is clear that i will include sexual health information on my website. It also has drug second highest along with job advice, however i will not use job advice as it is not linked to the other information instead alcohol as it is more relevant.

This question asked about the use of the site what will help them navigate around the site. From the results it shows that the navigation bar and search bar are most in favor. From this i am taken these two types of navigation on my website and will also use the others as people still liked the idea of them and will be helpful for me to use when making the site.

This question took into account what would attract the target audience and what kind of multimedia features i should add to the website to keep them entertained. The majority of the people who took part in the question all stated that they would be entertaining to have them all. However shown by the rating average it shows that the images and video where most popular. I am defiantly going to include these on my website as i want my website to be attractive to them.

This question was designed to help me with the content it asks what colors we should use on the website what will appeal to both genders we got a wide range however most of our replies were to have a pink and blue so it will appeal to both. these are the two colors i have decided to include on my website.

This question asks what people think is important to include on the site. The responses show we should be updating the site regularly and we should include contact information on our site so people can get into contact with us. People also showed the other three are important to have. So i will aim to have them all on the site.

The Question above is asking how the information should be shown on the site. I stated different types of multimedia options i could use, the results show that they are all good ways of distributing the information. However using games was not as popular so am going to leave that convention out on my website.

This question asks what advice they feel should be on the site. It was again highly favorable to have sexual health and drug advice on the site so i am going to include these on my website having there own pages of advice.

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