Thursday, 10 February 2011

Setting up and working in iWeb

Working in iWeb

In this shot I am just starting my website and have opened up iWeb choosing a blank template ready to start.

I have now designed my structure for the site where I would want things and have also inserted my school logo into the title of the page. I now need to insert the images and hyperlinks and my website will be completed. I have also changed the layout width to have 950pixels.

I have now finished off my all saints academy website. I have added images by dragging them onto the page a resizing; added textboxes to enter the information into; a slide show what has images of pupils around the school and sounds are played whilst the video Is playing. It has a tidy neat look to it having columns and navigation bar a title and a good layout to it. Keeping the house style what the survey suggested giving it the finishing touch.

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