Monday, 7 February 2011

Preliminary website brief

Website Brief for All Saints Academy

We are going to create a new home website page for All Saints Academy. This new school website is going to be attractive and appealing towards our targeted audiences giving the school a new start and style to the way people see it.
       We created a survey to help us achieve our goals of making it attractive and appealing towards our targeted audience. We used questions that asked about the colours to be used, who will use the site most, what kind of information should be included etc. We felt that once we get the audiences feed back and ideas it will be more attractive to them.
       The feedback we got back from them was very helpful to what we now want to include in our home page website. We are now going to use dull colours such as grays black and white to set the school theme. The information we will included is all from what the survey suggested to us. The slideshow of pupils of the school has been decided to put on the front page due to the survey from one of the layout questions asked it was highly favorable.
        We also came to the conclusion to keep the same kind of layout from our website hand drawn having the same features as shown.
       So to come to a collusion that the survey ideas from the audience will be the best ideas to use as they are what the audience wants so will meet our goals in being attractive and also appealing.

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